Killing rats – is it a sin?

Satsang with Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi)

11th December 2012 – Tuesday

Is is a sin to kill rats?

This question was posed by someone in today’s Satsang.

The gist of Amma’s reply was as follows:

“Amma does not want to say whether it is a sin or not a sin. When we breathe, there are millions of germs that get killed. When we walk, we tramp upon so many micro living beings and kill them.

“Rats pose lots of difficulties to human existence. They spread diseases, gobble up food produce and thus are a menace to human race.  Amma has heard that in some ancient civilization  cats were worshiped as Gods because cats could put an end to the manace of rats that caused so much trouble to that civilization.

“It is difficult to say black and white whether killing of rats is sinful. Amma does not want to say either. She would rather leave the matter to be decided by the questioner himself/ herself.”


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