If you are sure that you are doing the right thing morally, if it is done with good intentions, if it is done based on some principles and values you cherish, then go ahead without bothering about opinions.

Here is an interesting little story narrated by Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma):
Once in a distant forest there was a small, steep hill. At the top of the hill, grapevines had grown in abundance and grape fruits were visible from the foot hill. Lots of goats that were roaming around looked up the hill and a few of them really wanted to climb the hill, reach the top and eat the fruits.

The head of the goad arranged a competition for the daring young goats to climb up the hill. It was definitely risky as the slope was too steep. All young and old goats gathered around to watch the competition.

Several goats started climbing the hill. Some of them went up to a certain height and finding it too difficult, returned. As some more of them dared to climb up, goats from down below started shouting “Take care, be extremely careful”

After reaching some more height, several of the goats again retracted. As the height increased, more and more goats dropped out. Finally there were only three goats and they were taking very risky steps to keep moving forward.

Many onlooking goats got scared; they shouted: “Hey! Don’t go any further; it looks extremely dangerous! See, all others have dropped out; don’t take any risk; come down!”. Hearing this, two goats decided to drop out.

But one goat did not heed. It went up and up and finally reached the top and gleefully ate the ripe grapefruits.

The onlooking goats were really surprised. How come that goat alone did not heed to the call while the other two decided to come down?

The mother of that goat was there in that gathering. It said, “My son is deaf. That’s why he did not hear your cries!”

Yes. Sometimes, when you are quite sure and confident about your mission, it is better to be deaf!