Satguru Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

She is popularly known as Amma. The western world calls her the Hugging Saint. Those who have the fortune of coming across her get bowled over by her unconditional love that flows ceaselessly from her through her hugs (that her devotees call her darshan) cutting across all religious, caste color and creed barriers.

People who know her multifarious institutions (schools, colleges, multi-specialty hospitals, orphanages etc.) and social welfare activities (relief operations during natural calamities, free housing schemes, scholarships, old age pension schemes, Village development projects etc.) know her as a great philanthropist who has dedicated her life for selflessly serving the society.

However, her thousands of earnest devotees and spiritual seekers know her as an Avatar – a divine incarnation of mother Parashakti; She is a Brahma gnyani; a true yogi; a jivan mukta. For many western devotees, she is a living proof that Jesus Christ did exist. She is A sadguru, a large ship  that  can take numerous earnest devotees who have unconditionally surrendered to her across the sea of samsara.

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