What would you do if God were to ask you on the Judgement Day why you weren’t in Islam because it is the only true religion?

God: Why were n’t you in Islam? Don’t you know that if you were not, you will have to end up in hell?

Me: Excuse me, may I know who you are?

God: This is ridiculous ! I Am GOD!

Me: Sorry! We are meeting for the first time; Glad to meet you! I am a Hindu, you see; I have seen you only in pictures and statues and you don’t look like what I have seen. That’s why I got confused . May I know your name please?

God: Everybody knows; my name is Allah!

Me: Are you the one and only God? Are you the one all knowing, all pervading, all encompassing, all powerful and ever merciful God ?

God: Yes! Of course!

Me: Oh! Then you must be knowing that all along I have been worshiping you in the form of Lord Rama, chanted your name as Rama, Krishna and so on, depended on you fully for all my support and needs, cried to you when I suffered, shared my joys with you, celebrated your birthdays and festivals, offered food to you before I ate.

I knew without a doubt you were hearing me all the time, supported and sustained me, consoled me when I suffered, was with me in troubled times but without showing your face.

Our Hindu self-realized masters always said that you are the same person that Muslims call Allah; you are Jesus’s Father in heaven, you are Vishnu, you are Shiva and all! Are they wrong? Are you not the one who was sustaining and supporting me all the time?

God: I don’t care what your religion or its masters said. You have remained deluded all the time. This is my rule, my dictum that if you have not worshiped me as Allah, if you had worshiped any other God with name and form, you have committed serious blasphemy; that is simple and straight. I have no option but to roast you in hell fire.

Me: If it is so, then you are not the all knowing, all powerful, all encompassing, all pervasive and ever merciful God! Do you mean to say that you never heard my prayers, you never knew me, you never came to my support all along? Then who was that Rama or Krishna?

God: How do I care? See, they have not come to you for your rescue now! Only I am here with my rule-book! Now it’s clear to you, right?

Me: Oops! I am so sorry! I am so confused now. May be I was deluded by my religion and its Avatars and great masters! I foolishly believed one Ramakrishna Paramahamsa who said “Do you think God is like an ordinary person who will turn back only when you call him with his specific name? If you are worshiping God in a statue, does he not know that you are only worshiping Him? Will he not be happy that you are calling him and remembering him through your worship to that statue? “

Now that you have told me the truth, will you not give me another chance? Let me take another birth and in that birth let me worship you as Allah without name and form.

God: Sorry. There is no such scope in Islam. There is no such thing as rebirth. Your fate is sealed. You should have listened to Zahir Naik and mended your ways when you were alive. His videos are there all around Youtube! Now it’s too late!