Can a Hindu woman marry a Muslim man?

“All is fair in love and war” – so goes a popular saying. If a Hindu girl falls in love with a Muslim boy and is bent upon marrying him, she can, provided she converts to Islam. Islam prohibits any Muslim boy from marrying a girl from any other religion, until and unless the girl accepts Allah as her only God by way of converting to Islam.

And, if a Hindu girl is bent upon doing it, well, there is quite a good scope for the love coming to an end sooner and a war beginning afterwards!

The war is likely to be extremely damaging and painful if the love affair finally turns out to be a well planned Love Jihad.

Well; there are lots of arguments, proofs, lack of proofs and what not on the matter of whether Love Jihad is a real or imagined issue.

I personally believe there would not have been so much smoke if there is really no fire.

You can search in Quora itself and you will come across many personal real stories and confessions, arguments and counter arguments and so on this matter.

Coming back to the love marriage, irrespective of whether it happened out of Love Jihad or not, the stark reality to be faced is: What is going to be the physical, emotional and cultural status of the woman post marriage.

This particular article discusses in detail what could be the emotional predicament of a Hindu girl if she opts to marry a Muslm by religious conversion and it will be worth a read: Why conversion from Hinduism to any other religion is highly discouraged – Part 3